Monday, August 4, 2008

among the vampires (things to wait for)

J. and I dropped by the bookstore in search of something
to read. I wound up going with this, but we also wound up
falling down the rabbit hole.

We'd blundered into the store on the same evening as the
release of Stephanie Meyer's "Just Say No" vampire romance's
final installment. It was a little like going to an Anthrax concert
in that the demographic is focused and somewhat less differentiated
than one might see at, say, a Harry Potter book release.

While it wasn't my rabbit hole, I certainly am looking forward
to the appearance of a few cultural objects toward the end of this
month and the beginning of next:the new Byrne/Eno album,
the release of Spore, and Neal Stephenson's new novel.

We're all waiting for something.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

from the margins to decenter

One way to know you're getting old [insert whingeing here]: This isn't
my 5th grade teacher's Mrs. Hoffman's New Yorker (Sasha
nails it pretty well, though).