Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Listener Questions (part N)

"Why don't you play more lowercase recordings on RTQE?"

It's a matter of politeness more than taste, on my part. Probably the main reason is the same one as the reason that I don't play more stuff that falls within the Japanese "Otaku" genre circle of light—some of my listeners drive cabs for a living, and they simply can't hear the work over the noise floor of their "moving office." Back in the days when the WORT transmitter link was considerably flakier than is the case now, they would helpfully call me to inquire as to whether or not we were still on the air. Having driven cabs for a living myself and knowing the despair that comes from slim radio pickings while moving between fares, I remain mindful of that segment of my audience and avoid things that exist predominantly in the low or high frequency ranges, or work that is exceptionally quiet.

Another reason to avoid extreme changes in dynamic range is that some listeners with sleeping children will occasionally turn up something that is very quiet, only to have themselves scared silly and to have their children wakened when the next piece begins at a (now] very high amplitude.

And yes, I do think of silly things like an audience when I prepare programs.