Monday, January 1, 2007

The Return of the Invalid Objects

I'm never sure whether or not starting the new year with a post on something old is appropriate or not. But it seems to me that a consequence of living online is that diffusion trumps novelty.

Voiceband Jilt, the CD of my work released on the c74 label last year, took as its source material a set of recordings called the "Invalid Object" series. It was a project of the Irish label Fällt, originally released in the form of 24 3" CDs, each of which took their title from one of the "reserved words" in Java. Although I included a weblink to a location for the original recordings in MP3 format in the liner notes for Voiceband Jilt, the Fällt site was down for redesign and retooling for quite a lot of the last year or so.

The great news is that Fällt is back with a nicely redesigned website, and a reliable link to the material is back, too. I would commend that material to your attention (you can find it here) once again.